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Welcome to Caelfall. Home to the Arnen wolf pack, led by Jonah Arnen. The pack lives in relative peace, hiding their existence from the humans. Vampires, led by Adelaide and Nyx, move into the solstice manor on the edge of the city. Soon after, people begin to go missing, threatening to expose the supernatural to humanity. 

Nyx seems to only want a safe place for them to live, Jonah is wary. The second in command, Malice, insists they should be driven out. So far no conflicts are reported, though there are several run ins, with the wolf Ryo and the vampire Icarus testing the rules and pack territory markers by meeting often. 

Enter the pups. Lively and full of mischief. Jamie is Jonah’s choice as successor, training to be alpha when Jonah steps down ~~or dies~~. Neo is curious, even when it gets the better of him. He looks to the good of every one, even vampires. He becomes friends with Kayo, an unstable young fledgling who latches onto him.

this is made by: @dorkswithwigs who playe Lucas and Annabel(unknown) in the tag.

Note: DO NOT UNDER ANY WAY USE ARNEN PACK FOR FANFICTION OR OTHER. @bidisaster_cosplays has stated that it is not condoned and you will be called out on it if we find any. but please feel free to keep up with the story.

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